Sarah Hyland In A Bikini In Hawaii

sarah hyland vagina is see through in a bikini bathing suit

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

When I first saw these bikini pictures with definite genitalia or just maybe a big bush bulging out of the bathing suit, I felt like a dirtbag for looking at them.  Sarah Hyland, who plays the oldest daughter on the Modern Family TV sitcom, belongs to this leopard beaver poking out of the above pictured bathing suit.  Don’t worry, it’s ok to look.  Even though she looks about 12, she is actually 20 years old.  At first, I thought it was similar to looking at Miley Cyrus in a bikini or any of those other slutty photos of her making kissie face with her stomach showing.  We all know she is 16, but we all mostly look anyway.  But truthfully, Miley Cyrus is really 16 going on about 37 yrs old.  Miley will soon be pregnant, married, divorced, turned lesbian, and then pregnant again probably in that exact order.  Seriously, she is going to have Michael Jackson syndrome and when she is 37, end up sleeping with little girls in her bed claiming she had no childhood.  Next thing, she’ll be taking acid with Macaulay Culkin and watching Alice In Wonderland!  Enough about Miley, I don’t know if Sarah Hyland’s bikini photos are anything to rave about.  She is really CUTE, and I use cute because she is so friggin young, skinny and elementary school looking.  Her body almost looks undeveloped, but what the hell.  She is great on Modern Family, and her Olive Garden commercial makes me want to eat  salad and breadsticks.  Check out some more almost underage, almost inappropriate, almost see through, but non-jailbait photos of Sarah Hyland and her little body in a bikini after

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