Paris Hilton’s Nude Sunbathing

Paris Hilton pussy is falling out of her bikini

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Here’s Paris Hilton picking her bikini bottoms out of her snatch.  She is so lady like.  She has been partaking in some nude sunbathing recently, and of course someone got a picture of her nude and topless, and their is even another Paris Hilton vagina slip. (if you look closely, you’ll see it)  Anyway, I have got to give Paris some credit.  I am very surprised that Paris never underwent surgery to get breast implants. You would think that she would have jumped on the “can-wagon” and got some bigger nice new cans.  We all know she can afford them.  She did have a nose job and I also think she had her lazy eye fixed., but give I  her credit for keeping her natural breasts.  They actually are pretty nice and look good on her body.  She even has a pretty decent looking vadge, when there isn’t an outbreak present.  Anyway, check out the rest of the pics including her vag hanging out of her bikini and some nice topless and nude photos after

Images Courtesy of NS4W.Org

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