Girls Of Nightmare On Elm Street Remake & New Trailer

Nightmare Elm St Freddy Nancy

The new Nightmare On Elm Street actually looks pretty good to me.  It’s hard to make a remake of a horror film like this one, just ask Rob Zombie.  The first Halloween remake he did, I really liked.  I liked how they went back and showed how FN nutso Michael Myers was when he was a child and the kid that they got to play him was awesome.  He looked so god dam psychotic!    The second one, not so much. Either way, I am excited for the Nightmare On Elm Street Remake. Check out the trailer below.

I think the cast looks to be pretty well set even though there are really no big stars.  Rooney Mara and Katie Cassidy who is hot as hell lead the cast for the women. Connie Britton the hot MILF from Friday Night Lights plays Nancy (Mara’s) mother.  The best for me is Dukes from Semi-Pro,  Jackie Earl Haley as Freddy.  He kind of does look like Freddy Krueger (not as much as John Locke from Lost) but I am sure he will do a good job with the part as he was great in Shutter Island.  The poor bastard is so ugly to begin with, I don’t think he will need much make up!  Check out some pictures of the cast for the new Nightmare On Elm Street after

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