Mindy McCready’s Sex Tape Is McCreepy With Cheese

Stank-O-Meter (4.5/5)

Mindy McCready’s sex tape is definitely a scumbagfest.  What a filthy skanky whore!  I seriously have no idea who she really is, except that she was on Celebrity Rehab and had a serious addiction to pain medicine.  Maybe that is because when Roger Clemens was banging her, he was all juiced up on steroids and gave it to her too hard.  From the looks of this ditch pig, she must like it rough, and Roger probably got carried away and threw a 100 mile/hr fastball up her filthy stink hole.  I think Mindy must ask for trouble.  Her e-boyfriend Billy McKnight also beat her up and choked her before he got arrested for attempted murder.  After that incident, McCreepy overdosed and attempted suicide, then after that she got pregnant with the dude who tried to kill her’s devil fetus!  Then she TRIED TO KILL HERSELF AGAIN!  WTFF?

mindy mccready sex tape with roger clemens dick

Roger Clemen's pecker smacked her in the nose!

This bitch had a lot of luggage Clemens, what were you thinking???   She is claiming Roger  dated her for over 10 years!  All the other Yankees must have made fun of him, or maybe she was such a good fuck that she got passed around the Yankee dug out like clean urine!   Anyway, I am getting sick to my stomach writing about this ho so enjoy the shitty sex tape of McCready’s polluted vagina.  I bet she screwed Jesse James and Tiger Woods too!

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