Kim Kardashian & Her Big Booty Say NO MORE BUSH!!!

Kim Kardashian ass crack slipping out of her bikini

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Kim Kardashian has dumped Reggie Bush after he cheated on her with a piece of white trash.  Kim is now Saying NO MORE BUSH, just like the whole country did when George W. was president.  What a retard Reggie is!  Seriously, I was never a fan and used to think Kim KarDOOSHian was just mediocre and overrated,  but she has really been working on getting her body looking hot and fit.    Since Kim had that cellulite treatment, her body is looking tight.  Her voice really annoys me though.  Maybe that is why Reggie went out fishing for some new trout, not saying that Kim smells like fish, but she might.  We should ask Ray J.  I am sure he can confirm.  Reggie is probably getting so much Super Bowl Victory Ass that he just can’t pass it up no matter how nice and bootylicious the ass on Kim is at the moment.  This is the supposed girl that Reggie lost Kim Lardassian for:

Reggie Bush cheated on Kim with January

Stank-O-Meter (3.5/5)

This chick’s name is January Gessert.  HOMEWRECKER!  Seriously she looks like a piece of Florida white trash that slept on the beach in her clothes with a bunch of birds pecking at her vajayjay all night.  Reggie must be totally retarded.  It was also said that Reggie had two different cel phones and would use one for his ho’s and another in front of Kim.  Who knows, and really who gives a shit.  I just think it’s plain retarded to lose a girl the looks of  Kim Kardashian for just this one skank. If it was a couple of skanks,  at the same time, then maybe.  Anyway, Kim isn’t going to let this keep her down.  She already started partying it up and moving on with her life.  Check out some hot, big booty, Kim Kardashian bikini photos and some other swimsuit pictures, and one of Reggie walking “dat ASS” down the beach for the last time after

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