Kesha’s Sloppy Hideous Awful Busted Flabby Saggy Bikini Pics

kesha is really ugly with no make up on

Stank-O-Meter (5/5)

Kesha is absolutely disgusting in a bikini.  She is 22 years old and she has the bikini body of one of the Golden Girls.  I can’t believe what make up can do for some people.  I mean we have all seen Pamela Anderson without make up, and that was a scary sight.   But for Ke$ha being so young and to have such an awkward body it is really sad.  She had the nerve to insult Britney Spears and say her lip singing was bad, well she shouldn’t talk about anyone looking like that.  I personally think that Ke$ha’s songs suck.  And what is with the $ in her name??  Who is she the new and improved female Ma$e?  They both look like they definitely have a little touch of retardation, so that could be why she puts that  sign there.  Maybe that is a secret code for retarded performers.  Anyway, this is what Ke$$$ha looks like with make up on:

Kesha with make up on is the only way to look at her

Granted, her legs still do look kind of weird and she does have a really strange bottom half of her body  But at least her face doesn’t look like a worse than if Sarah Jessica Parker and a thoroughbred mated and the child was delivered feet first through the anus.  There is nothing great about this girl, and she seem to want everyone to make a big deal about her.  She also insulted Justin Bieber, who is so conceited, it probably made him cry. It was also reported that Kesha wears her placenta around her neck to bring her closer to having a spiritual experience.  What kind of shit is that, seriously?  What a freak with an ugly busted 55 year old woman’s body.  If you want to be grossed out, check out some sloppy, ugly, busted, flabby, flat out disgusting old lady bathing suit pictures after

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  • Jasmine says:

    &i bet you look more sloppy in everything you wear. you’re nasty fucking muffin top hanging out, boobs sagging low, legs the size of a fucking elephant. don’t criticize people. you’re much worse darling.

  • obiwansidsi says:

    Who said she was hot anyway? Why did you waste time on this? I’m mad at you now!

  • angie says:

    And I’m guessing that you all are models??? Come on, she doesn’t look like a model, but she looks just the same as any other woman you see every day. She’s not hideous, ugly, or nasty. She’s just an average girl. The only thing ugly about her is her personality. Apparently you all have never seen someone who’s TRULEY ugly. I bet that none of you look any better than she does.

  • Bronte says:

    Well I think she looks amazing and may not have the best body around, but at least she is isn’t another one of those anorexic sticks we all see now. You are just jelous she is more beautiful, richer and talented than you are. YOU ROCK KE$HA(:

  • classic in the making says:

    I think ke$ha is hot as fuck and I don’t see how she can have haters I mean sure she use’s autotunes but so does everyother singer today and sure her music is a bit weird but so is a lot of other singers music and sure she isn’t the hottest girl in the world but she’s 100% real

  • Christian Alexander Tietgen says:

    Without make-up on she’s a bit ugly.

  • Dick Nuggets says:

    Haven’t ever been a Kesha fan, but these pics ACTUALLY take her into FAP FAP FAP territory! Those firm lil’ C cups and and tight little stomach and legs make up for that flat ass. I’d definitely f*ck her…. ;o) 8 d*ck rating!

  • bungweasel says:

    The bitch is saggy and baggy. Somebody already squeezed all the juice out of that broad and didn’t leave anything but a dried up husk. Yeah, she’s busted.

  • Brian says:

    Not a bikini