These Girls Are Jerseylicious!

Olivia Sharpe from Jerseylicious has big breasts

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

So, guess what?  Is that Snooki in a slutty outfit?  Everybody is guessing that, but it’s not.  Her name is Olivia Blois Sharpe and she is the new Snooki of the new show called Jerseylicious.  Jerseylicious takes place in a hair salon in Green Brook NJ.  The show is a total bite off the Jersey Shore show.  I mean, Olivia couldn’t look any more like Snooki if she tried.  I think that it would be a hard decision to choose between the two of them. Olivia’s breasts looks big because of the bra’s that she wears, or she had implants recently.  The whole show seems to be filled with implants and hair extensions., but who cares.   In her bikini photos, her boobs don’t look that big.  Based on face, I would pick Snooki, and boobs are definitely Snooki, but the better ass belongs to Olivia, although the hot ass pic may look like it was taken a while ago, and she may have packed on some pounds since.  Sure that’s not Snooki?

Olivia from Jerseylicious looks like the new snooki

It's Olivia Sharpe, not Snooki!

I guess with the recent success of Jersey Shore, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and getting their own Snooki.  Olivia seems like she is a party girl also.  The other women in the show are no Sammi Sweethearts or J-Woww’s either.  They are much older and definitely not as desirable. Some of the other girls on the show are Gianelle “Gigi” Liscio and Tracy DiMarco.  Check out an upskirt photo of Tracy  and  a pic of Gianelle’s big boobs along with the to be star of the show Olivia looking hot in slutty mini skirts with her boobs hanging out, upskirt photos, bikini pics, down shirt shots and bent over ass photos after

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