Are The American Idol Voters Racist?

american idol minorities

American Idol sent home four more contestants, and to be honest I don’t think I agree with America’s vote.  So far eight people have gone home and only two of them were white!  Ashley Rodriguez, Michelle Delamor, Haeley Vaughn, Joe Munoz, Jermaine Sellers and John Park are all of different ethnicity.   The only two white people to go home were Tyler Grady (the idiot that came out in his bathrobe) and Janelle Wheeler (who was hot, but sucked balls). Haeley Vaughn and her forever smiling lips needed to go, as did the black Pee-Wee Herman Jermaine Sellers, as did John Park just because he just plain out  sucked.  But I don’t agree with America sending home Michelle Delamor (bottom right above).  If you watch the show, you would see that her performance clearly out shined Lacey Brown who diarrhea mouthed  “Kiss Me”  and Didi Benami who destroyed “Lean On Me”.  The week before, America sent home Joe Munoz who I thought and even the judges thought had one of the better performances of the night.  That week, Tim Urban (who looks like Tom Welling  & could be his body double in Smallville) definitely deserved to go home  after butchering the song “Apologize”.  It was a total shitbag performance, but I think his boyish good looks saved him.

Regardless, I think that we all know who is going to be in the top 5 finalists.  I predict that Katie Stevens amd Crystal Bowersox will be the top two girls.  For the guys, it’s a little tougher, based on talent I hope Andrew Garcia steps it up and makes it far.  Joining him will be Lee Dewyze and maybe the dark horse Alex Lambert.  That name “Lambert” is almost a shoe-in for second place.  Adam Lambert definitely should have won, but we all know that he was ousted out with that whole AT&T scandal and Kris Allen was basically chosen by the producers to win.  Why did they want Kris when Adam was a better singer?  Because Adam is gay, racy, and would be coming out of the closet and Idol didn’t want him to represent their show.  They wanted the clean cut, apple pie eating, All-American stereotypical Kris Allen.  I hate to ask, but is American Idol just a beauty contest now?   Comment and let me know what you think.  Check out a pic of Adam and his band that will be touring soon below.

Stank-O-Meter (4/5)

adam lambert's band

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