Alessandria Ambrosio’s Ass In A Bikini

alessandra ambrosio pussy slip in a pink bikini

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

I don’t usually write articles about models, but since I just wrote a post about Derek Zoolander, Alessandra Ambrosio ass bent over is definitely worthy of an article as well.  There are so many Victoria’s Secret and other models that look just like her, so she really doesn’t hit me with the “wow factor”.  I really never paid much attention to this ho because she is just another tall, skinny model that could be much hotter with bigger boobs.    But, I guess if you like that Brazilian bombshell with legs longer than Dmx’s rap sheet, then I guess she is pretty hot.   Regardless, when you have an ass like that, and you pose in the assumed position of doggy style, I guess it doesn’t matter how your boobs are.  Everyone is just staring at that ass!  Turning around would just ruin the picture moment.  When Alessandra was pregnant, she had those explosive mom boobs a la Halle Berry.  I wish she would have kept them.  It’s amazing that she did have a kid and still has a body like this.  Check out some more pics of Alessandra from this bikini photo shoot, some older ones including a nice see through picture, upskirt pic,  and one of her with her pregnant boobs after

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