Adrianne Curry’s Naked Ass Photos

adrianne curry showing off her perfect ass in an apron

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Here is an upclose and personal picture of  Adrianne Curry’s ass from her Twitter account.  If you ask me, it’s kind of random for a model to be posting this kind of stuff on her account. Yes, Adrianne is pretty hot.  Yes, she does have a really really nice ass that  doesn’t fail to impress in the least.  Last but not least, yes you can see her nice blue panties and thong holding her vajayjay in place so it doesn’t droop onto the floor or get stuck in the dishwasher she is standing by.  We have all seen Adrianne Curry’s playboy shoot already, and she did win America’s Next Top Model, so we are familiar with her body and how sexy it is.  So my question, is Adrianne, are you missing the spotlight or do you feel forgotten?  Is that why you tweet your naked ass?  Anyway, check out some of Adrianne Curry’s playboy pics and other Twitter post showing her hot body and what an attention whore she is after

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