Abi Titmuss Hotness

abi titmuss cleavage

Rating: ★★★★½ 

I came across this picture and said, WOW!  But in all seriousness, who the hell is  Abi Titmuss?  Abi Titmuss is someone who screwed her way onto television.  She sucked up (literally and figuratively) to British TV personality and rich bastard John Leslie.  Ever since she started banging him, she has been on more reality shows and other shows where she just plays her big titted self.  She also appeared along side Leslie when he was accused of rape.  Abi stood by his side during the trial and it paid off.  He was acquitted.  I think the game plan was to show that he had this hot piece of ass and why would he need to rape another less hot skank??  She also has a sex tape with John Leslie and some random black chick that they probably paid 100 bucks  to come back to their room and put some coffee in their cream.  Abi was named #7 sexiest women by FHM not too long ago, and we can see why here.   Abi’s career is not doing so well since she was on Hell’s Kitchen. I wouldn’t have had any idea who she was if I didn’t look her up on Imdb because I don’t watch that Hell’s Kitchen crapola.  Bottom line on Abi, nice tits.  Check out Abi Titmuss fully nude showing off her sexy body after

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