Who Possessed John Locke?

John Locke Possessed on Lost

So who is possessing John Locke on Lost?  WHO KNOWS???  The show is really feeding us a shit sandwich since this season started.  First off, if you go and search for Lost blogs, you see how many people are describing what they think is happening.  It’s like predicting the weather, nobody really knows what the hell is going to happen.  Last night on the show, the whole episode consisted of John Locke taking Sawyer to see this cave where everyone’s name was written on a wall by Jacob.  What the hell is that??? Below is an interview on Michael Emerson on Jimmy Kimmel.  He doesn’t even know what is going to happen.

Emerson said they still have four episodes left to film and he has no idea how it is going to end.   Supposedly, Matthew Fox who plays Jack, is the only person that knows what is going to happen.  The writers and producers did that so nothing about the show leaks out.  Want to know who John Locke really is?  I know who he is.  He is the closest living human that looks like Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare On Elm Street.  I think this is all a dream and John Locke will come out in the last episode with a glove with knives on the end of it and kill everyone while they are sleeping.  Isn’t there an Elm Street on the island?

Lost John Locke PossessedLost John Locke Possessed John Lost PossessedJohn Locke possessed

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