Tool Academy 3 Jennavecia Is A Filthy Ditch Pig

jenevecia pussy

Stank-O-Meter (2.5/5)

Tool Academy Season 3 Jennavecia is right where she belongs.  On the FN toilet!  This girl is the filthiest pig ever to step foot into the Tool Academy School.  She was on Bad Girls Club, and now has made her way onto Tool Academy.  I guess she is going to be passed around reality TV just like she was passed around her town like a blow up doll / jizz machine.  I bet that she was inbred or molested by her father or brother.  This season of Tool Academy is filled with more degenerates and losers than ever before.  Episode 2 sent home Shawn Goble and girlfriend Emily Reno.  Too bad because Emily had some nice boobs, but Shawn was a total retard.  He didn’t know how to play the game at all.  Emily talked so much shit that she would leave Shawn if he got kicked off, but she left with him anyway.  Jennavecia needs to go, she makes me want to yak up my KFC.  Check out Emily and Shawn’s  pics below and some pics of Jennavecia being a total scumbag whore after

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