Movie Review The Book Of Eli

The book of eli denzel washington

This movie really did nothing for me.  The acting was very good.  Come to think of it,  I can’t remember a movie starring Denzel Washington where the acting sucked.  The trailer for this movie was spectacular.  Whoever made up the trailer deserves some kind of award.  There were two good fight scenes and one BIG TWIST at the end.  I didn’t see the twist coming at all and when you watch it you may be amazed! Or not!  It wasn’t a The Sixth Sense kind of twist, but it was a quite decent one.  Without it the movie would have really sucked.  The best part for me was Mila Kunis.  I thought that she did a great job playing the  young whore of the town Solara  who was basically owned as a prostitute for Gary Oldman’s character Carnegie.  In one scene she tried to come in Denzel’s room and bang him at the wish of Carnegie but Eli didn’t oblige. Damn you Eli!  A Mila Kunis nude scene would have made the movie much better for me and probably every guy that watched it.  Here are some pics of mostly Mila and Denzel from the movie and some other general hot Mila photos.


Mila Kunis Book of EliMila Kunis Book of EliMila Kunis Book of Eli PremierMila Kunis SexyMila kunis boobs

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