Movie Review Edge Of Darkness

Edge of Darnkess Mel gibson

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Edge of Darkness was a textbook revenge thriller with a couple unexpected laughs.  Mel Gibson did a great job as did Bojana Novakovic, even though she gets killed in the first 5 minutes.  The violence was graphic at some parts, but you expect that.  I thought the movie was well written even though you could figure out what was going to happen.  When I saw this movie was coming out, I was shocked that  Mel Gibson would take the part of a COP in this movie after he turned down 20something million dollars to make Lethal Weapon 5.   I thought that Lethal Weapon 4 was pretty good and probably the best one since the first Lethal Weapon.  Chris Rock, Jet Li, and Joe Pesci definitely helped and made the movie much better than just Riggs and Murtaugh could have.  There are hopes that Mel Gibson will eventually come around and sign up for the final part of the LW saga.  I hope so, he better hurry up before he  is “too old for this shit”.  In the meantime, here are some screencaps of Bojana Novakovic naked sex scenes from previous movies and some from the red carpet of the Edge of Darkness premier after

bojana novakovic nudeedge of darkness daughter nudebojana novakovic edge of darkness cleavagebojana nocakovic sexy

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