Movie Review Dear John

Dear John Movie


My girlfriend dragged me to see this suckfest movie last night. Being it was Valentine’s Day, I actually let her pick a movie for once.  It really was pretty awful.  The story was there, but they just didn’t execute it properly.  I have never watched The Notebook, and I heard that was a real tear jerker.   Being that this was from the same person, I thought that it would have been the same type of intense love story.  The intense love between the Seyfried and Tatum just wasn’t there.   I sometimes can be sensitive  and actually care when watching a real love story or some crap like that, but this wasn’t one of those movies.  Tatum did a great job, as did Richard Jenkins who played Tatum’s “Rainman” coin collecting father.  Amanda Seyfried was absolutely terrible.  I smell a Razzie award in her future.  She wasn’t convincing and worst of all she showed absolutely no cleavage or bikini pics or ANYTHING for that matter.  I figured I would at least get a few nice boob shots out of watching this piece of shit.  No such luck.  Here are a couple hot Amanda Seyfried pics including nip slips, side boobs, ass shots, and generally huge cleavage. Here are a couple Channing Tatum pics for the ladies and a bunch of  hot Amanda Seyfried pics including nip slips, side boobs, ass shots, and generally huge cleavage after

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