Kourtney Kardashian Pulls Baby Out…BY HERSELF!

Leave it to a Kardashian to rip her own baby out by its friggin head!  Kourtney had her baby Mason Dash Disick on December 15th or so.  Above is a video of  Kourtney ripping the baby out of her own Vajajay.  She wasn’t crying, didn’t even look in the slightest of pain. I think maybe she read this book. Scott Disick, or DA-DICK must have a huge one….. or it could just be all the whoring that Kourtney did before she got pregnant.  She ripped that kid out of her snatch faster than Tiger Woods can speed dial the abortion clinic!  Scott Da-Dick is now going to be a terrible baby daddy, but since he has no real job, I am sure he will stick around long enough to get married to Kourtney.  Then after getting enough money and publicity for a good attorney, he’ll divorce her and claim her to be an unfit mother ( a la K-Fed Britney Spears).  Then Scott will take his young heir to the Kardashian fortune and keep him tucked away safely so when all the LardAssians die from liposuction he’ll be ready for baby Mason to collect.  Here are some Kourtney Kardashian upskirts, boob pics, and general pre pregnant hotness after

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