Kara DioGuardi’s Boob Job For Maxim

Kara DioGuardi definitely had a boob job.  To me Kara is like White Castle, sometimes it looks good, and other times it makes me want to puke. I remember lase season when she came out on stage with Bikini Girl ( who also had a major boob job) and her tits were no where near the size that they are now.  Kara was rich before, but she must have taken some of her Idol money and went and bought herself a nice new set of funbags.  I think they actually look pretty real.  I guess since Kara is going to be on TV more and be in the public eye she might as well have nice cans.    Bikini Girl had a supremely fake looking boob job.  There is no question that those things are plastic while Kara’s make you second guess.  But I can’t see how she could have suddenly blossomed those being almost 40.   A push up bathing suit or bra can only do so much.  Check out some old pics of Kara and some new ones of Bikini Slut Katrina Darrell.

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