Justin Bieber And Adam Lambert

Justin Bieber & Adam Lambert

Rumor has it that Adam Lambert was going to have little Justin Bieber sleep over his house.   Do I smell a new Michael Jackson in the making?   Probably not as supposedly it was Justin’s Idea.  With Adam’s current status as a raging butt pirate I don’t foresee it as a good idea that he spend the night.  If he did Adam might put a little make up on him and have him  looking like some of the photos below.

adam lambert fagadam lambert dress

Well I hope for Justin’s sake that he has a great time and doesn’t get too glittered and Glamberted.  Here is a video below of Adam and Justin backstage at Jingle Ball. Adam is showing him how to glitter himself and do some kind of gay handshake.  Creepy.  I’d make a run for it Justin!

Adam,  here’s a little Bieber for you!

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆ 

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