Jersey Shore Snooki & J-Woww To Meet Kim Kardashian

Kim K Snooki Nyc

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Jersey Shore’s Snooki, Kim Kardashian and J-Woww are going to finally meet.  They are meeting for an appearance at Club Quo in NYC.  I don’t know why the  the club need to have all three of these ho’s there.  I think one ho’s with monster tits is enough for one night at a club, but the more big titted ho’s the merrier.  Kim gets around $50,000 for a club appearance.  Rumor has it, Snooki gets about 10k, and J-Woww gets a gallon of Clearasil and a gift certificate to a plastic surgeon.  Club Quo must charge a huge cover or just be rich enough to blow about 70k in one night on appearances. People have been comparing Kim Kardashian to Snooki, and personally I see how they could see the similarities.  They both have big tits, they both have long dark hair, they are both really tan/dark and Italian looking even though they both aren’t.  I like  Snooki but she only on her best day could she look like Kim.  Kim’s face is way better and her body is too, look at that badonkadonk!   Here are some pics of Snooki and her new boyfriend Emilio, J-Woww, and Kim K’s ass pre cellulite suctioned after

Nicole Snooki BoyfriendJenni J-woww and Nicole Snookisnooki autographnicole Snooki club quo nyckim kardashian breastskim kardashian thongkim kardashian fat buttkim-kardashian-ass nudekim kardashian naked asskim kardashian pussy snooki kim kjersey shore kardashianj wow nude tits

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