Jenni J-Woww And Her Big Boobs Do Photoshoots

J wow jersey shore tits

Stank-O-Meter (2.5/5)

Jenni J Woww Farley’s has been living up the Jersey Shore fame just as much as the next cast member.  I can’t say that anyone or anything from the show is getting as much publicity as Snooki’s Nude Pictures and Snooki’s Sex Tape, but I would say that J Wow is probably 3rd in the Jersey Shore Celebrity Ranking.  Mike The Situation is coming in at a cool 2nd.  Other than that, J-Woww , Jenni Farley, or her real name Jen McFarlsberg seems to be catching a fair amount of attention.  I know that she was going to the club with Snooki to meet Kim Kardashian and I am sure she will get some Proactiv commercials sometime soon.  I don’t know why, but J-Woww just doesn’t do anything great for me.  I’m definitely more of a Snooki fan, but I’m really waiting for some Sammi Sweetheart naughty pics to surface. Check out the J-woww natural pic,  I think that may have been pre-implants,.  Also, J-Woww’s boyfriend looks kind of like The Situation.   Anyway, we look forward to the next season of Jersey Shore and hope that Jen McFarlsberg can take her plastic cans out and have someone motorboat them until they die from toxic silicone inhalation.

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  • JS says:

    word on the street is that there are some nude Jenni pics out there. Work your magic man.

  • Her bod’s really hot. Face is so-so.