Jaimee Grubbs Was George Clooney’s Ho First!

Jamie Grubbs George Clooney

It looks as if Tiger Woods may have been pulling George Clooney’s salt and pepper pubes out of his mouth every time he put his lips on one of the biggest skanks of the year,  Jaimee Grubbs.  First off Jamie, who the f spells “Jamie” like that.   Clooney was supposedly with her a long time before Tiger sank his ball in her hole.  Jamie told one of her skank hooker friends that  she had the most amazing sex with Clooney.   I believe it.  Clooney probably stared at himself in the mirror while they were doing it, conceited bastard. ( yep, I’m jealous)   I don’t think it was worth it for Tiger especially.  Clooney probably just did her up because it was a nice young piece for him at the time.  This bitch is really no prize for anyone.  Here are some of her skanky pictures of her just looking like any other mediocre waitress turned reality show whore.  I hate to say it but Tiger should have left this skeezer and  went home before he was “just a tool”.


Jamie Grubbs HotJaimee Grubbs titsJamie grubs maxim

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