Howard Stern Could Replace Simon Cowell

It’s being said that Howard Stern could replace Simon Cowell’s seat as a Judge on American Idol.  I think he is probably one of the only people that would be a big enough asshole to fill Cowell’s seat.  Simon can be really shitty sometimes, but he is almost always right when it comes to who he thinks is the best.  He tries not to waste anyone’s time, the contestant or the show just by putting mediocre singers through to the next round.  Stern does the same thing but in a filthier way.  He holds all those contests for breast implant giveaways  and is totally honest in his opinion of judging women based on their appearance as to whether they are Playboy material or not, etc.  We all knew that Howard held a soft spot for Sanjaya and his stupid rooster head hairdo, and Sanjaya remained on the show when he sucked mostly just because Howard told his radio audience to vote for him.  Maybe he was doing it to prove a point or just be a dick.  Who knows?  That would be my only problem with having him as a judge.  Stern said he would do it for 100 million dollars for the season, I think that is a negotiating tactic to try and get at least 40 or 50 mil.  If he does get the job, I hope that he would judge based on talent and not on looks or whatever the f  he saw in Sanjaya.

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  • Skeeter says:

    i dont know if Stern could replace him, but i bet he could mount him. Stern gets my vote for douche/dirt/sleazebag of the century.