Hayden Panettiere Boob Job?

hayden panettiere implants

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Is it me, or did Hayden Panettiere get a boob job?  It looks to me like her boobs have grown quite a bit.  She could have got one of those Ali Lohan semi boob jobs that they claim never happened.   Or maybe she just got a nice push up bra.  Either way, Hayden looks great.  Nothing much besides Heroes has been going on for her lately.  Since I Love You Beth Cooper, she hasn’t been on the big screen.  She has two new cartoon movies coming out pretty soon, and there are a couple more projects including Naomi and Ely’s Kiss where she will co-star with Michael Cera.  He’s hilarious, so that should be interesting.  She also is starring in a movie called Carmel that looks like a real piece of crap.  Her little brother co-stars with her.   She is a decent actress, but I don’t think she can carry a big screen movie by herself.  Here are some pics of Hayden Panettiere’s boobs and a couple cameltoe shots as well.  Her boobs are too small to be called funbags, I’m sure they’re fun, but just not big enough.  Give them a couple more years, she’s only 20.  That Freshman 15 may be coming late and might go in all the right places.  Check out these hot pics of Hayden Panettiere after

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