Cougar Town Sucks Cox

Cougar town skirt


Cougar Town sucks.  I really tried to give it a shot.  The first episode was pretty funny.  Courtney Cox looked sexy, and I thought wow, who is her blond friend with nice cans?  They put Cox in her underwear, lol.. Let me rephrase that, Courtney Cox was in her underwear and in a bikini when the show first started for most of the episodes.  I guess that was  to try and distract us from how really NOT funny the show is.   The acting by all the guys in the show is terrible, especially the lead actor Josh Hopkins who plays her “hot” neighbor.  The only decent guy actor is Ian Gomez who in real life is married to Nia Vardalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Gomez recently told TV Guide in an interview, “It’s funny how Cougar Town started as a show about a woman dating a younger man, and now it’s kind of turning into an ensemble show about a bunch of friends and their misadventures,”.  Ian plays a loser married to a bitch wife played by Christa Miller, who is just annoying as all hell.  Maybe she should go have a couple more plastic surgeries. (check her name link)  Busy Phillips actually doesn’t do a bad job in the show, and her and Cox are the only real entertainment on the whole thing.  Plus they are the only women on there that are decent to look at.   I am thinking by what Ian Gomez’s  quote said, Courtney is trying to recreate “Friends”,  being that show was so successful.  If she is,  she had better go and get a bunch of better looking,  more interesting characters because there is just no chemistry on this show and I would be surprised if it lasted another season.  I don’t know why she or whoever canceled  the show “Dirt”.  She should have taken that show off cable and put it on network TV in a good slot.   It would have done well.  Here are some screen caps of Courtney’s dirty bits hanging out of her bathrobe,  some hot lingerie modeling picks of Busy Phillips, and one  of  Busy in a bathtub from when she was on Dawson’s Creek after

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