Cheryl Cole Is Sexy & Single

Cheryl Tweedy Cole Bikini

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Cheryl Tweedy Cole is getting a divorce.  Ashley Cole, her soccer playing husband has cheated on her one too many times.  What an idiot!  Ashley was voted sexiest woman over Megan Fox.   I think I can totally see why.  Look at her.  She is practically flawless.  The only thing that I don’t care for, if I have to get Critdickal, is the big tattoo that she has around her thigh and all the other ones.  I am really not much of a tattoo liking person.  I think a little rose or some shit like that is ok for a girl to have, but not some big tribal hideous looking thing.  Her legs and the rest of her body are so nice, why ruin it?  I espescially hate when a girl has a nice rack and she goes and gets a huge tattoo on one of her tits.  That just ruins it.  It’s just not my flava!   Cheryl is on The X Factor with Simon Cowell.  I am sure she shot Simon and his billion dollar pecker down a bunch of times.  So who will Cheryl date?  I think she has her choice of pretty much anyone.  Want to see why??? Check out all Cheryl Tweedy Coles hot pics after

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