Lindsay Lohan & Adam Lambert

Lindsay is after another gay person.  She really can’t make up her mind.  First she is a lesbian, now she probably has grown a dick and turned into a fag.  What other explanation is there for her to be chasing Adam Lambert around?  She is like a little trashy groupie and wants Adam’s big gay sausage.   Supposedly she was out at a club in L.A. and Adam was there and she was following him around like a slutty puppy.  She Tweeted that she wants to be in one of his videos.  I think I saw the casting call in the paper for “washed up skank with nice tits”  Lindsay you have a chance! Shortly after she saw Adam she left the club and ran over some poor paparazzi  guy.  Lucky for her she wasn’t driving as she looked pretty tanked in the pics below.  I bet she was so excited over seeing Adam that her Vadge Clamato Juice dripped all over the drivers hands and caused him to slip while steering, thus running down one of the thousand paps trying to take her pic.

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