J-Woww To Pose For Playboy


J-Woww of Jersey Shore is going to pose for Playboy, if the money is right…. Yeah right.  I don’t see the attraction,  maybe just her ass  because when you are looking at that you can barely see her face.   She would probably do the Playboy shoot for a couple free spray tans and a bottle of Clearasil.  Her face is seriously disgusting, with make up on!  Without make up she looks like something that crawled out from underneath the Seaside Boardwalk or a dirty pirate sea hag.  Come to think of it, I bet she  crawled out from under the boardwalk once or twice this summer, and wiped some guys jizz off her face and her monster fake tits.  It’s probably in the deleted scenes of the to be Jersey Shore DVD.  Anyway, this slutbag is going to end up posing for playboy and to me she is the least desirable one out of the whole cast.  I’d even take that annoying bitch Angelina  Ho-lie over her.  Here are some slutty bikini photo shoot pics and J-Woww nude in bodypaint after

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