HIMYM Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit Video

Last night was the 100th episode of  How I Met Your Mother.  The video above was well done and pretty funny if you watch the show regularly.  Rachel Bilson guest starred and of course they showed the previews as if she was “the mother”, but she was not. She also didn’t look as hot as she normally does (pics below). They sort of dressed her down and made her look so goody goody.   Maybe they did that on purpose cause she was the roommate of Ted’s kids to be mother.  I wonder how long they can drag this shit out?  They have been teasing us with showing us the mother so many times already.  I bet we have seen  her in a bunch of episodes in the background.  She was probably  at the bar,  in Ted’s classes, walking on the street, etc..  Either way congrats to the whole cast for making a good show and hopefully we will get to see “the mother’ real soon.  I just hope they don’t end it after we finally find out who she is.  I’d like to see Ted and the other cast members play through his marriage (if  he gets married) and his children being born.   If that is how they are going to play it, the show could last a long long time.

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