Amanda Seyfried Is Nude & Slutty In CHLOE

I think that all there is to say here is WOW.  The pics below are a little blurry from the shitty French trailer I scapped them off of.   I think we have all been waiting to see this girl’s milkers since she debuted them in Mean Girls.  They are seriously humongous.  I knew it was just a matter of time before she would let those bad boys fly out and go bouncing around the big screen.  She came close in Alpha Dog (pic below) but the screen shot was from way too far away.  Fortunately, you get to see Amber Heard slutting it up in that film.  I wonder what her payday was to get her to expose those coconuts? Probably not that much, but transitioning from TV to movies she probably grabbed whatever job she could find just to get her visibilTITTIE out there.   I am glad to see that she decided to leave Big Love.  I liked that show when it first came out, but it’s the same old boring shit over and over again.  Best of luck with this crappy movie Amanda, but I am sure you will draw great DVD sales for pervs who want to spank it to your cans.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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  • jeams says:

    hehe,it is amazing.