Lindsay Lohan’s Muse Photo Shoot

lindsay lohan tits

Here is Lindsay Lohan doing what she does best, being a whore. We all like when Linds whores it up.  She is just so good at it.  So Muse Magazine probably gave her an 8-ball of coke, 5 hypodermic needles (used) and a bottle of Jack  as payment to do this skanky threesome photo shoot.  Truthfully I think that she is looking much better than she was about a month or two ago.  She really looked cracked out. It’s really not that big of a deal for her to show her junk to everyone anymore, she has been doing it since her saggy vadge was falling out of her skirts for so long.  So that poses the question, why not do Playboy???  I heard she was going to get 900k for one shoot. Smarten up Labia Lohan.  Here  a few more pics from the shoot and one of Lindsay when she was wearing a house arrest bracelet on her leg.  I like the one where she’s hovering over someones bare ass and another skank is drawing on him with a marker.  If you look close enough, I think you can see Lindsay’s skank fluid dripped all over his back.

stank-meter (3/5)

lindsay lohan muselindsay lohan nude museimage[1].jpglindsay lohan threesome127840_10

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