Five Twilight Movies


They are going to split the fourth book into two separate movies… why?  MONEY!  Look how much friggin money this movie made in 2 weeks.  I am sure that is not the main reason, wait, yep that’s the reason.  The cast will will have a short break since they filmed Eclipse and  New Moon at the same time.   Then it’s back to work for them, but hey at least they are working in this economy.  Our country is in the shitter, but Obama will be damned if  his people can’t  find the money to pay Edward Cullen so he can get his drunk on!  I saw that dude on Jimmy Kimmel and he was stoned out of his gord.  He couldn’t even answer the questions without giggling and Kristen Stewart looked like she was getting pissed off.  Why would she care if they “aren’t dating”?  Kimmel said some funny shit to Taylor Steroid Wolfman “when you and Taylor Swift are making out, does Kanye West burst in?”

Anyway, I saw  New Moon and thought that it was pretty good.  Not great like the first one, but good.  I would give it about 3 out of 5.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

SPL100552_014Kristen stewart hot dressJACOB-BLACK-twilight-

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