Tyra Banks Show “Woman With Two Vaginas”

This sounds interesting. I think I will call the Guinness Book of World Records and see how many vaginas one woman has had.  I guess if she has a kid, it would be like picking whether you want to take the Holland Tunnel or the Lincoln Tunnel.  Either way I am sure the baby won’t hit any traffic unless she’s  in a “jam”.    She gives new meaning to the term “double fisting”.  I would have a lot of questions if  I was doing her.  Should I just use one?  Should I  switch it up during and go back and forth?  Should I alternate days?  Should I stick my foot in the other one?  Anyway, maybe she will answer some of those questions on Friday’s show.  Her name is Lauren Williams and here are some quotes from the upcoming show:

Lauren Williams: “I’ve got two uteruses. Just one to each (fallopian tube), then they go down to two cervixes, and then it did go down to the two vaginas.” Williams, who was diagnosed with two vaginas when she was 25-years-old, also believes she has 2 periods.

Lauren Williams: “I think so because my periods generally last about 21 days…When I was a teenager I had really heavy periods…I would have to change pads every hour.” Tyra also questions Williams on her ability to have children and was amazed by her answer.

I guess the whole 21 day period would make her boyfriend, if she can keep one with all that PMS, pretty aggravated, unless only one of them had the “red stop sign” at a time.  I never watch Tyra, but this should be an interesting one.  I will DVR that.  And can you guess the rating, I give it two hard ones, one for each hole.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

lauren williams two vaginas

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