Rihanna’s New Haircut

Rihanna's New haircut

Here’s Rihanna out and about  with her new haircut!  What an awful stylist she must have! Seriously, I know what really happen, she did the girl thing. Girls will cut their hair or do something drastic to it when they get upset.. That being said, she just came on TV to talk about when Brown Chris beat the shit out of her.  She failed to mention that she probably deserved it and did attack him first, but nobody would believe that anyway.  Princess Rihanna is now Woman Of  The Year according to Glamour Magazine.  What a crock of shit that is!  I guess if you live to talk after your boyfriend throws a beating on you and you don’t become an alcaholic or a drug addict, Glamour will just give you that award.  Personally I don’t think she is deserving.  And for all you girls that go and copy that hairstyle, I think she may have just done it to match her Halloween Costume! So take that into consideration.  You can ask your stylist for the Rihanna Cheetah Flinstone Look!

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