David Hasselhoff’s New Show

David Hasselhoff drunk

I imagine that we are going to see nothing quite this extreme on David Hasselhoff’s new reality show.  Let’s hope that the show’s editors and producers are out to make him look like the wastoid that he is.  That may be the whole point of the show.  They will surely have his trainwreck daughters on there.  They aren’t really hot or anything, but maybe they will show how he interacts with those spoiled rich bitches. I remember hearing one of them tried to commit suicide. When I heard that , I almost cried, but farted instead. I am highly doubting that you will see his white trash ex Pamela Bach on there though.  Anyway, if everyone gets liquored up I am sure that A&E will have a hit show on their hands, for once.  Below find pics of the Hoff doing what he does best, humping random girl, making nice with his trashy daughters and posing in a bikini.

david-hasselhoffDavid Hasselhoff DaughtersDavid_Hasselhoff Girls

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