Movie Review Inglorious Basterds

Basterd Pitt

When I heard Tarantino was doing this movie, I was excited.  I thought it was going to be really great.  I hated it with a passion.  Brad Pitt is only in the movie for about 30-40 minutes or it just seemed that way because the friggin subtitles just took forever to get through.  Sure it looked authentic, and the acting was decent, but personally I thought Pitts accent got annoying after a while and I was sick of reading the goddam screen to see what the fuck these krauts were saying. I also thought that the female lead could have been played by an actress who actually known in the states.  Melanie Laurent may be known in other countries, but I thought she was terrible.  I would not recommend this movie to anyone unless you have trouble sleeping.  Its like an Ambien.

stank-meter (4/5)

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  • David says:

    Oh my god you are exactly the cliche of an idiotic american, first off, you can only speak one language, second, this movie is not about Brad Pitt. Third, the subtitles? that’s what makes this movie great, It’s real. In the world outside american idol people actually speak other languages. When I see movies set in Japan or in Germany, I get annoyed at the fact that everyone speaks english or “american” as you might know it.

    You my friend, are an asshole