Lindsay Lohan Is Screwing Balthazar Getty

lindsay lohan marilyn monroe

So Balthazar is next on the long list of guys who have touched that raggedy thing that Lohandjob calls a female sex organ.  Organ, no that thing is more like an entire orchestra its so friggin big, and its probably loud too.   It probably takes instructions from any guy with a swinging wand!!  I bet it makes that squishing sound like when you have wet sneakers, not even when she is walking, just when she is standing still!!   Lindsay was spotted at a club all over Mr. Getty Gas who bought his way into showbiz.  I bet Lohan has to wear this Marily Monroe getup just so Balthazar can get excited and pretend she is Sienna Miller. Matter of fact, he was probably so drunk or whacked out on drugs he thought she was Sienna.  Well best of luck to these two!  I am sure with Getty’s lay off from Brothers and Sisters and Lohan’s massive amount of free time to go to probation they can hang out a lot.  I also heard that Lindsay was going to pose for Playboy for almost a million bucks.  It would probably sell a million copies.  People love looking at that vajayjay that makes the Octomom look tight.  They should have Samantha Ronson in the pictures with her and they can call it “Raggity Clam and Sammi”

samantha-ronson-lindsay-lohanbalthazar getty sienna miller

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