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Vince Vaughn is still funny.  He has lost some of his spontaneity but can still deliver those quick witty comments, like when he was in Made.  Ever watch the outtakes of the movie Made?  They are longer than the whole movie and definitely funnier.  I also liked Vince in The Break-Up.  As far as the rest of cast, they provide a few laughs, but I think that Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell’s characters could have been much better.  Jon Favreau and Kristin Davis are good but not great additions to the movie.  Faizon Love makes up a lot of the funny parts in the movie as well.  He was hilarious as Big Worm in Friday also.  The island they film on is absolutely gorgeous and I bet they had a lot of fun filming it.  I think that the movie could’ve had many more laughs if it was Rated “R”.  It was originally supposed to be Rated “R”, but i guess they decided to target a younger audience.  I think that was a mistake.  All in all, it was just what you would expect from this type of  movie, but I think other people gave it such shitty reviews because the cast seemed like it would provide a much better film.  Don’t expect much, and you won’t be disappointed.


Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

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