Adam Lambert’s ‘Time For Miracles’


Wow, is that a penis in Adam Lambert’s mouth?  No its not!  It’s not a titty, its just a thumb!  They must have paid him big money to do this photo shoot.  That’s the closest he’s been to a naked girl since he last took a piss in the ladies room.  Adam’s new song from the upcoming movie 2012 called “Time For Miracles”  hit the internet today.  I heard it and have to say it is a decent song, better than anything that Kris Allen is going to come out with.  Kris Allen, who is that are you asking?   Oh yeah he won American Idol due to the fact that Adam was gay and Idol didn’t want to have  a  pole smoker be the winner, so they went in cahoots with AT & T and handed out cel phones in Allen’s home town and taught people how to “super text” their votes so that they could insure a heterosexual victory.  Anyway, I think Adam will be bigger than most of the non victors on the show, maybe all except for Daughtry.  I wish him the best of luck and hope his butthole holds up through all of this publicity.

adam lambert's details photoadam lambert's details photo2adam lambert's details photo1

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