Movie Review Jennifer’s Body

Gotta Tampon?

So lets be honest, If this movie was starring America Horsemouth Ferrera in place of Megan Fox, or a flat chested cutting board like Keira Knightley, I don’t think any guy in his right fucking mind would go see this shit.  Those semi nude pics of Fox with the pasties on her nips coming out of that lake must have been taken by some perv watching the filming because you dont see any full body shots of her… BOOO! I know I probably just ruined the chances of seeing this  movie for a lot of people.  Foxy Pastie Nips

Anyway, the moview was not scary..   My girlfriend jumped a couple of times, but she gets scared when Ryan Fleachest announces the person getting kicked off Idol.  It had more of a comic twist and made me laugh with most of the more violent scenes.  The acting by Amanda Seyfried’s milkbags was good, but not great.  I am sure a lot of 16 yr old boys will buy the dvd but end up disappointed with the lack of snatch exposure.

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